Anonymous: How close are you and your roommates was the friendship formed long after living together ?

We’ve been friends since school. I’ve known 2 since we were in year 8 and the other I met through one of my other school friends when I was like 16 or something



This has to be one of my favorite post on tumblr.

wow this is so clever

Ruined Castle by Forgotten Heritage Photography on Flickr.

so that’s what those pesky asexuals are up to


me: hi, can i have a large—

starbucks employee: you mean a venti?

me: can we not do this 

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Inside a decommissioned passenger car in Central City, CO Source: SeamusQuintana (reddit)

Staying up till quarter to 1 in the morning playing 1993 pc games. I love the weekend.


Life is so freeing once realisation hits. Life is long, but also short. I have now wasted, in total about 2 years, on guys and relationships that have got me nothing and nowhere.

At this point in my life, 2 years is a long time. It might not seem like it in 30, but that is then not now. Now is…