Anonymous: No I don't work

Oh okay. How do I semi-know you?


When people fuck with me and my crew

Cool couple Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner 
cuntstopher: I see you all the time too. You really need to stop coming to my house man, it's getting creepy

I just really want to see you, like all the time, and drop off some of your favourite things

Anonymous: Yes pacific fair

Ahhh thought so lol. I go there to catch the bus all the time, I live right nearby. Do I know you from work?

Anonymous: Oh I know. No socks can control THAT stench.

Hahaha whateverrrr

Anonymous: We kinda know each other but I've seen you around so many times

Where? Shops?

Anonymous: Your feet smell.

but they’re covered rn you don’t even know

Zac Efron is like a fine wine


*passive aggressive mom dramatically putting away dishes and denying help*

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